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GIS is a geographically based computer software that is useful in preparation and analysis of spatial data utlizing GPS and aerial imagery as a tool for site planning, feasability studies and environmental permitting. CAD is standard in creating digitally scaled drafts and designs of proposed projects, such as construction of docks, seawalls, stormwater ponds and various other hydrologic improvements.


FELSI's on-staff GIS Analyst specializes in creating state-of-the–art, GIS-based resource maps, and providing GIS services for use by the public and private sectors to assist in environmental permitting, mitigation planning, monitoring and management-related decisions. FELSI's technical support staff can provide data entry, digitalization, and review of GIS deliverables. FELSI can provide Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Geographical Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) to enhance and provide precision for any development-related project. The use of GPS technology is standard to spatially locate parameters (i.e., wetland lines, gopher tortoise burrows, etc.) identified during site reconnaisance for future incorporation into project-related drawings and figures. GIS and GPS technologies are an invaluable tool utilized by FELSI personnel for making prompt and conclusive management decisions within the field. 

GIS resourse map depicting the location of state protected Gopher Tortoise burrows and regulated wetland boundaries utilized for silviculutral planning

CAD designed cross sectional view of a dock and seawall project


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