Phase I ESA

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Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)

Many commercial and industrial practices have contributed to soil and groundwater contamination throughout U.S. properties. Those properties with known contamination contain regulatory records archived within state and federal databases that may identify type, extent and clean-up efforts at a specific property. State and Federal government may find land owners responsible for financing rehabilitation efforts on properties with known contamination.

What is a Phase I ESA?

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is a visual assessment of a tract of land supported by historical and environmental database research review to evaluate and identify any past or current recognized environmental conditions associated with a piece of commercial real estate.

Reason for requesting a Phase I

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments are typically conducted by lending institutions, users or property owners prior to a refinancing and sale of property as part of the due diligence process to obtain reasonable assurances that a property does not contain recognized environmental conditions.


FELSI personnel have attended the appropriate Phase I ESA training course, keep abreast of any revisions to the current standard, and are certified Licensed Florida Environmental Assessors and Licensed Environmental Professionals. FELSI follows the American Society for Testing and Materials Standards (ASTM) on Environmental Site Assessments for Commercial Real Estate, 5th Edition, to conduct Phase I ESAs and report preparation. FELSI's scope of work or services for preparing a Phase I ESA includes, state and federal records review; on-site reconnaissance; owner, user and governmental interviews; and summarization of findings, opinions, and conclusions of the review in a Phase I ESA report.

Above-Ground Storage Tanks (AST) are regulated by state and federal agencies and can be a source of soil and groundwater contamination


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